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02/01/2008 10:11:03 PM Guest: Sheena
Hey Guys, a proposal. Sheena has brought to court, because she´s accused to have failed in here mission:getting information about sexual habits on other planets! Here loyer, an old pervert bastard who´s horny on Sheena declares he can proof here innocence! He declares that Sheena, when blindfolded,can recognize other strange species or animals just by being fucked by them and drinking their semen.The court agrees on his proposal and orthers a test with 10 different species or animals. So the loyer starts to getter 10 different aliens/animals with just one condition: they all have great, large cocks and balls full of semen.One by one they all started to fuck Sheena when she is blindfolded. Has anybody a proposal witch aliens or animals that should be ? Lets test Svarogs painting abilities with our ideas. Of course Sheena passes the test, we don´t want our hot space bitch getting killed !Send your proposals !
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Guest: add this to the proposal (0)05/01/2008 4:16:55 PM
make sure Sheena gets some double penetration action during the test too, lol.


ricksmears: Sheena (0)07/01/2008 10:21:08 AM
It would be great if there was some type of bug or insect monster inpregnante Sheena.. Something along the lines of a large stinger and eggs or a scorpion type bug insiminating her.. That would be hot! Then I would rejoin again to see that.. Take a look at this guys image and story its great! something like this would be great!


scritch: I love this idea! (0)07/01/2008 6:16:27 PM
I love this idea. When Sheena will return on Earth, (after the adventures she's going to have with Nova, I hope!!!) it would be a great new adventure!
Some ideas:

* May be for start Sheena will be compelled to be fucked by a beast or a monster that has already fucked her: for example, Gorilla, Minotaur or Dinosaur... When the Court will discover that Sheena can handle, recognize and even appreciate a Minotaur's cock in her asshole, they will be nearly convinced... And they will Amake enter Monsters that Sheena has not encountered in the stories already published.

* Among the possible monsters:
- A Horse-man... She will recognize the cock that has so many times sodomized her in her "training"
- A Tentacle monster, of course!
- A "Medusa Dick Woman", which is able to change each part of her body into a cock
- The biggest cock will belong to a Dragon or an elephant.
- I am not fond of insects, but it's like you want guys!

* Sheena will have to swallow in a glasse the successives loads of different species after they have all penetrated her in her both holes (to make it more difficult: she will have to discriminate the taste of her own ass from the one of the monster's cock), and recognize them. Sheena will recognize that the Court has mixed the cum of a horse and a chimp... She cannot be surprised!

* Sheena will determine then the diameter of each monster cock with her asshole and classify them, to recognize them, in a great anal "tournante". As she hesitates for the two biggest ones, she asks for a new banging... But in a double penetration to be faster!

* Sheena will endure multiple penetrations by a tentacle monster. As all the tentacle have the same taste and diameter, she will recognize the monster. But she won't be able to answer immediatly: the tentacle in her mouth are so far in her stomach... Or may be the tentacle(s) in her ass are so far that they go out from her mouth...

* Of course, Sheena will be accidentally impregnated during the process... And the monster will go out during the results of the test!


Guest: Planet of the apes (0)07/01/2008 7:17:36 PM
Of course, Sheena has visited the "Planet of the apes", so she gets banged at the same time by a gorilla and a chimpansee !


scritch: title... (0)08/01/2008 4:45:37 PM
Of course, and she will be able to recognize both of them with their cum taste and cock size.


Guest: Sheena & Klingons (0)13/01/2008 12:34:50 AM
I´m shure sheena met on here space voyage the klingon race (from the serie enterprise. So she has to bang a bunch of klingon warriors !


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